How to Craft a Problem Solution Essay: A Complete Guide 2022


Writing can be a very interesting but tedious affair. This is mainly because one has to remember so many things at times that it can get confusing and draining. However, it is an essential part of academics and must be followed properly to ensure great outcomes. One of the things that are often handed to students is to write an essay. You should know that you can always ask “could you help write my essay” from a senior. This can be very problematic as there are so many different kinds. But that should not deter you as you are about to learn some great trips.  


An essay writer specialist in critical thinking knows how to evaluate any details that have been provided to him and how it can be included in the final draft. A problem-solution essay can be very tricky to write about. You know a problem and you want to solve it. Sounds easy? But you have to convince the audience on the matter as well as otherwise, no one would read your work. Here is how you craft a problem/solution essay

  • Finally, you have to depict a final picture of the entire matter. This is where you can show some future details that would be possible if the solution you have proposed is implemented. This becomes rhetoric for your solution and can generate the right level of interest in the audience. If I write my essay, I would always show these details as it can give the audience a glimpse into the future. You can find help in writing such details from an expert writer.
  • Firstly, you must see the essay prompt and try to find out the problem that must be solved. If you are given an open choice, then choose a current issue that you would need to solve. The aim is to set the boundary here and define the scope of the essay which is essential. Do not go too broad and nor too shallow.
  • Secondly, you have to show the people why they should care. Is the problem so important that people must care about it or is it unimportant? If it is unimportant, no one would read it. You have to use enough evidence to highlight why the issue needs attention and eventually a solution.
  • One important thing to note is that critical thinking allows the questioning of the details that are already present. The best part is that the more critically you think, the more you can find newer details that can be used. Critical thinking allows you to develop newer ideas that can work towards the creation of the writer.  


The above details are some of the essential things that you need to add to the essay. However, the overall way you construct an essay almost remains the same. Here are the things that you need to know 

  • Start with a strong hook that is related to the problem itself. Then start the introduction so that you can tell the audience about the details of the problem and then ensure what the solution might be the best one. You can also go online and search for essay writers by just searching for “how to write my essay” and you will get a list of writers to choose from.
  • End the introduction with the thesis. The thesis must include all the relevant details that have to be added to the final draft. Every detail must be connected to the thesis statement. The thesis can be in multiple parts where each paragraph must be connected to the essay paragraphs.
  • You can bring creativity to your work if you think critically. Everyone has a unique perspective that is honed through critical thinking. This can eventually be used within any written material such as an essay and you can make it stand out. For example, in essays such as application or scholarship essays, critical thinking is often the right way to go about, you can question your own self and then evaluate how to stand out.
  • A conclusion must be well-thought-out. This is because it leaves a lasting impression. Also, it is imperative that there is a call to action so that the audience knows how to react. If your instructor has required you to write an assignment with a high level of vocabulary and you are running short of time, it is wise to get it guidance from a reputable essay writer website
  • Developing an outline is really helpful. This is because all the details within the essay have to be just right. You cannot miz the details and there has to be the right cohesion. The outline can help out as you can have a blueprint that assists you to write the final essay.
  • Use the outline to form the first draft. The draft has to be consistent with the outline with relevant citations added to it. This would make the final essay even easier to develop. If you need guidance on developing an essay, So, you might consider to pay someone to write my paper. They have experts that can provide the right guidance to you.
  • Once everything looks great, you can just get ready to prepare the final draft. Keep all the material that you have developed over the course of the assignment with you. It would help you to follow the right instructions and not miss out on any issues that might be present.
  • Throughout the overall drafting process, the idea is to proofread the assignment from time to time. This is really imperative as the more accurate the grammar and overall essay is, the better the impact that it would have on the audience. This would ensure that any inconsistencies are removed and the final essay is clean as a whistle. If you want to hire a pro-academic writer just search for “write my essay in 1 hour”, you will find a list of essay writers online.  



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